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Are you looking for Beijing attorneys? Maybe you are a United States company that is expanding to China?


A lot of American companies are thinking about pursuing their China expansion now that Joe Biden is going to be president.


It was no secret that Trump and Xi did not get along. Many American and Chinese companies put their cross border expansions on hold.


Our Beijing attorneys can assist you with mergers and acquisitions, trademark, copyright, private equity deals, and protecting intellectual property. They can also assist with employment agreements, taxes, and incorporating.


You can see some of the attorneys in Beijing below. If you want to book a free consultation, fill out the form on this page. Our Beijing law team will get in touch with you, normally by email.


Beijing Law Firm practice areas


In addition to the business law services above, our attorneys also help with private matters. These include criminal law, divorce, and inheritance disputes.


They can also help with investment disputes and real estate litigation. Many people invest in projects in China. Do not assume that you cannot access justice in China.


Our attorneys in China have the ability to fight for your rights. Without a law firm, it would probably be impossible. However, with a strong legal team, much is possible.


Divorce In Beijing


Divorce rates have gone up a lot in China. Also, international divorce has become common. This is because Chinese people are moving to places like Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.


Of course, they meet locals and can fall in love and get married. At some point, the Chinese person might move back to China.


So now the couple might have a property in Beijing and New Zealand. Now attorneys must get involved in both New Zealand and Beijing. It gets very complicated.


Attorney client relationship In China Beijing attorneys


Attorney client relationship In China


Judges are very serious in China. They take civil disputes and contract disputes very seriously. You need an attorney that is comfortable going to court. Some attorneys find going to court exciting.


Right now it’s hard to start a business in China. That’s why it’s important to get help. You can’t set up a business online. You always need to have permission from the government.


It can take a long time to get all the licences and approvals. The courts are not open to the public. You can go to the building, but you can’t go in and ask questions.


Online Platforms For Law In China


There is a new online platform that allows law firms in China to save time. It helps them file paperwork online. They can register cases and book hearing times online.


Before the platform existed, many lawyers in China had to spend 30% of their time waiting in line at the court. They would have to wait to be allowed to submit paperwork.


The attorneys would also need to wait around to get a hearing time booked. The online platform was organized by the Shanghai courts. The platform can also be used to communicate with the judge.


Cao Zhuping, an attorney for SH Er Li Law Firm said that it’s much easier now to register a case without going to court. This saves a lot of time on transportation and waiting in line.


Cao Zhuping uses the court’s platform to submit his evidence and written arguments.


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Beijing Attorneys


List Of Law Firms In Beijing


If for whatever reason, you don’t want to work with one of our lawyers, we can refer you to other law firms in Beijing. Below are a few others:



Heidi Tang, Roger Epstein and Sara Zhang are attorneys in China. They said that China is developing very quickly. The GDP continues to grow. A lot of people in China want to do business with other countries.


When they want to do that, they need a good lawyer in China and the other country. Our company, ClearWay Law, has lawyers in multiple countries. This helps people deal with their international legal needs.


There is a lot of need for international law firms. China has started to open itself to the world.


Beijing Divorce 


Beijing Divorce 


Our company gets a lot of requests from people that need a Beijing divorce attorney. The attorneys can assist with getting a separation agreement (or divorce contact) signed. 


Once the separation agreement is signed, you can file for divorce. If you have properties in other countries, like Australia or New Zealand, it’s going to be more complicated.


Beijing law firms can also assist with child custody, child support, spousal support, and other family law issues.


Do not get your friends or family to mediate your divorce. You need professional legal advice. Some people spend two-ten years on their separations. 


Spending a lot of time in court can feel like going to prison. We have legal assistants, paralegals, and lawyers that can speak English and Mandarin.


Beijing Attorneys | Drug Charges In Beijing


We also get a lot of requests for help with drug charges in Beijing. If you need a criminal law attorney in Beijing, fill out the form on the side of this page.


Often, people from countries bring cannabis products with them on the plane. It might be something like a CBD cream. They do this even though many airports say not to bring cannabis products on planes.


When they arrive in China or Beijing, they get in trouble with the police. The Chinese police say they have imported drugs into China. That is very serious.


They get questioned by the police for a few days and then contact us. Take this very seriously. Any cannabis products are very illegal in China.


You must follow the laws of the country you are in. The laws of Canada won’t help you in China. You also cannot say that you didn’t know the laws of China.


You also must speak to the police in China. You don’t have the right to remain silent. However, ask to speak to an attorney.


Beijing Legal Advice


We have attorneys that help with international transactions and M&A. Many foreign companies now want to invest in China. The attorneys can help you set up a company in China, and assist with regulatory compliance.


There are also Chinese companies that want to invest outside of China. Law firms in Beijing can help with that.


Sara Zhang, an attorney in China, wants to help Chinese people invest in the United States. She knows the history of the USA, and she enjoys international business and law.


There are a lot of Chinese people moving to other countries, like Australia. They also need to think about estate planning, immigration, and setting up a business.


A lot of Chinese people do not do much planning when it comes to estates. They do not have any inheritance tax. They are busy making money and rarely planning.


Some lawyers charge $300/hour, and others charge $600/hour. You need to decide your budget. Do you want a junior lawyer or a senior attorney?

Clearway Law China

Beijing Attorneys Helping international clients


There are over 17,000 lawyers in Shanghai and another 20,000 attorneys in Beijing. Any small improvements to the Chinese courts will result in big improvements for society.


In the future, attorneys in China will only attend the courts when they are arguing their client’s case. It’s also now possible for law firms to change their hearing times. They only need to explain their reasons for not being able to attend.


Cao Hongxing of the SH High People’s Court said that many attorneys have scheduling conflicts. The judge will help the attorneys with their time conflicts.


Law firms can also use the system to research a person’s or companies previous litigation history. The system is encrypted. People without authorization have a hard time getting in. Only attorneys registered can use the system.


We are hoping this system comes to Beijing very soon. They are also planning to open their system to English-speaking law firms. 

Beijing Attorneys Helping Chinese and International People And Companies


Our attorneys in Beijing can help with a number of different legal issues.


Our Beijing attorneys can assist you with:


  • Trademark and copyright
  • Private equity
  • Business In Hong Kong
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Divorce in Beijing
  • Inheritance disputes in Beijing
  • Intellectual property
  • International arbitration


What is the best way to find an attorney in China? How do I know who to trust?


Leave that up to us! Let us do the hard work for you. We have many lawyers on our platform. We will recommend attorneys based on your budget, geographical area, and area of law.


How much do attorneys in Beijing cost?


They will range from $200/hour to $1000/hour. Paralegals are normally around $150/hour. Legal assistants sometimes cost around $75/hour. It all depends on your legal needs.


In conclusion, if you need a Beijing attorney, fill out the form on the side of this page.


Author: Alistair Vigier is the CEO of Clearway and can be reached on Wechat at: alistairvigier