Divorce In China Culture

Divorce In China Culture

Are you interested in learning more about divorce in China culture? It has certainly changed a lot over the years. In the past, divorce was seen as one of the worse things you could do. If you were divorced, it was very unlikely that anyone would ever date you again. You were seen as someone who was tainted, unworthy at another chance at love. This was especially true for women. Women were to do everything they could to not get divorced, even if it meant staying married to someone who is cheating on them.

Times have changed. People are more open-minded to divorce these days. Some say that it’s rare that people get anything right on the first try. The Chinese divorce rate has increased 10x in the last 30 years. More Chinese are now open to being single and enjoying life. Many Chinese are also getting married much later in life.

Chinese Marriage And Divorce

If they have children or property, they must sign a separation agreement before the courts will approve the divorce.

I have some western friends in China who got married way too quickly.

They met a cute Chinese girl at a bar and instantly wanted to marry her. My guess is that it was probably more lust than love.

As the CEO of a divorce company that has clients in China and Canada, I see more divorce than most people.

Annie Yi and Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu divorced after 9 years of marriage.

Marriage Is Not A Short Term Thing

Some of my friends are still married, others got divorced after a few months or years.

There must be serious consequences for getting divorced. Otherwise, people will just get married for fun.

Having fun is for being single, or dating, it’s not marriage.

Marriage is a commitment to take care of someone in sickness and in health. It’s not something you try out for a few months.

Vladimir Putin got divorced. It’s more common than you think.

Best Way Is To Stay Married | Divorce in China culture

One way to make divorce less complicated is to try and not get divorced in the first place.

Before filing for divorce, couples should try mediation. In Canada, mediation is normally done by a professionally trained lawyer.

In China, most mediation is done by a mutual friend or a family member. One of the spouses will ask a friend to speak to their spouse. The goal is to see if the friend can fix things for the couple.

This is unfair to the friend. The friend will be put in a stressful situation where they must try and save their friend’s marriage. They will also run the risk of getting involved in the drama.

It is best to hire a family law consultant or lawyer to deal with your marriage. You can tell your legal advisor you want to try and stay married.

Zhang Yuqi and film director Wang Quan’an divorced after 4 years of marriage.

Should Divorce Be Easier?

No-Fault Divorce | Divorce in China culture

One big difference between divorce in the west and China is no-fault divorce. In Canada, it doesn’t matter why you want to get divorced. If you are not happy, you can still get divorced.

In China, it’s much harder. You will have to prove that your spouse did something bad and that because of this you should be entitled to a divorce.

You will have to convince a judge by using evidence. Perhaps you will show pictures or Wechat messages to the court.

If your spouse cheated on you, then the court will likely approve your divorce.

If your spouse did something really bad in China, like starting a new family outside of the marriage, then the courts might award all the property to you.

If the couple is just having a dispute, the court might tell them to go speak to a family psychologist instead.

In China, many people stay married until their child turns 18. The parents wait until the child leaves for University.

Should Divorce Be Easier? | Child Support In China

For this reason, there are many fewer child custody battles in China. Once a child turns 18, there is no custody to fight over.

In Canada, someone might divorce when their child is only 8 years old. That means that there are still 10 years of parental responsibility left.

People are willing to spend money on child custody battles if they might not get to see their child for ten years if they lose the family law lawsuit.

Divorce can get nasty, with businesses being sold.

Is There Alimony In China?

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is also not common in China. However, in western countries, the spouse that makes more money might have to pay a monthly amount to their ex-spouse for many years.

Family law is changing in China, and I would not be surprised if divorce gets more complicated as things like alimony are added to Chinese law. Divorce is unlikely to ever get more simple.

Should divorce be easier in China? We don’t make the rules, but we can help you with them!

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