Hainan free trade port master plan

Hainan free trade port master plan

Are you planning to do business and in China and you want to learn about the Hainan Free Trade Port? First of all, where is Hainan? It’s in the south of China on an island. It’s known as the Hawaii of China.

It’s located near Vietnam. It is a popular tourist spot for Chinese people. This year, the Chinese government announced its plan to make Hainan a massive free trade zone.

We have lawyers and paralegals in China that can help you get set up to do business in the Hainan Free Trade Zone. We will help you with setting up your company, business law, and everything else.

It will make your life much easier when doing business in China. If you need help with getting set up, fill out the form on this page.

The first free trade zone in China was set up in Shanghai. The main goal was to encourage companies and people overseas to do more business with China. Now there are more than ten free trade zones in China.

The Hainan project is by far the largest one. Right now, it’s mostly just a general plan. However, we can still help you get set up with the program.

If Hainan doesn’t work for you, our Chinese business lawyers can find another free trade zone for you. Even though the project isn’t fully developed yet, you can still use the Hainan zone.

Your lawyer will tell you if you should set up your company in Shanghai, Hainan, or Beijing.

There are many benefits of setting up in Hainan which include paying fewer taxes, having less regulation, and having municipal government support.

Many people from countries like the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom enjoy being in Hainan. Again, it’s sort of like Hawaii, a lovely place with nice beaches.

What’s the benefit of setting up in the Hainan free trade port?

The point of a free trade zone is that the company exporting the products to China won’t be charged tariffs. It can also make it easier to invest in Chinese companies that are set up in China.

Normally a Chinese company needs approval from the government to sell its shares overseas. In the Hainan free trade zone, all a company must do is have their lawyer file some paperwork.

The other point of a free trade zone is that everything moves much faster. You can get a license or permit very quickly. There is also government support that helps companies deal with any formalities or licenses.

The customs in the zone will also be more relaxed and understanding, in theory.

It is very likely that a lot of western companies will be setting up their HQ in Hainan. It’s the perfect place to do business. The local government wants people to come and set up and do business.

How Can A Lawyer In China Help You Set Up In Hainan?

One of our lawyers or legal consultants can help you with:

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