Is Beijing A Good Place To Live?

Are you wondering if Beijing is a good place to live? This article will form part of our immigration law series for moving and working in China. This article will also focus more on the positives of Beijing. You can search elsewhere for any downsides to the city.

Most people from countries like Canada, Australia, and England might move to China for a few years to work. They will often stay for a short period of time. However, some marry a Chinese person, stay married for five years, and then apply for their Chinese green card. We covered the green card in detail in the article in the link. Therefore, the people in your circle might change every few years.

We also wrote an article about starting a business in China. We can help people from other countries with immigration law, business law, or family law.


Beijing Subway Map


The subway system in Beijing is very easy to use. The only time I had a hard time with it was when my subway card ran out of money. I gave 100 RMB to the subway person and pointed to the card. I was hoping they would know that I want to put 100 RMB on the card. Someone had to come and help with the translation.

It’s also extremely cheap to ride the subway. It costs around $2 to get across Beijing.


Beijing A Good Place To Live

Beijing Food Culture


Food is most people’s favorite thing in Beijing. This includes the local’s favorite thing. Chinese people speak about food a lot. However, keep in mind that most people in China think that their city’s food is the best.

The most famous Beijing dish is called Peking duck.

If you want to know if Beijing is a good place to live, you should first visit there. If you decide you want to get a work permit or apply for your permanent residency, then contact us. We will connect you with one of our immigration consultants in Beijing.


How Much Does It Cost To Live In Beijing?


Rent is normally the most expensive part of living in Beijing. You can expect to spend around 6000 RMB per month. It’s not very expensive for living in a condo in downtown Beijing. You can pay up to 15,000 RMB if you want a luxury apartment in a central location.

Groceries are very cheap in China. You can expect to spend around 400 RMB every time you go to the grocery store for two people. All the other costs are very cheap in Beijing as well. For two phones, it’s about $20/month.

Most people eat outside a lot in China. Most people spend around 1000 RMB per month, but they eat out all the time.

It’s also very cheap to order food and easy to have it delivered to your home.


Places To See In Beijing | Is Beijing A Good Place To Live?


Going to the Great Wall of China is often one of the people’s favorite experiences in China. It’s so amazing. It’s sort of like going to Paris and seeing medieval buildings. When I went there, it was to a remote part of the Great Wall far away from all the tourists. I was sitting in this old guard tower, where people 800 years ago would have been sitting with their bow and arrows. It’s pretty unreal to think about.

It’s a lot of work to hike on the wall. Some areas have a cable car that will take you up. The views are amazing.

The Forbidden City was pretty cool but nowhere near as cool as the Great Wall. It gets very busy in the Forbidden City.

The Summer Palace is also a neat place. It’s a good place to go for a walk, and it’s very relaxing. There is also the Temple of Heaven. There are people doing mediation and you can walk into the temple.

There is also a place called the Lama Temple. Most people have never heard of it. There is also a street nearby where there is a lot of great food.


Author: Alistair Vigier 韦理德