Immigrating to China

Are you look at immigrating to China? The rules for how to do it can vary from country to country. We recommend reading this overview and then going to the end of the article to see if there is a detailed guide for your home country.

The immigration rules for your country can change depending on if your country is getting along well with China or not. For example, countries like Canada and Australia have started to argue with China. As such, it has become harder for people in those countries to immigrate to China.

This article will focus on getting your “Chinese green card.” We will not touch on visitors, student visas, transit visas, or work visas. The reason for this is that it’s something that you can do without a lawyer. However, if you are applying for a work permit or a green card, you should get legal advice from a lawyer or one of our immigration consultants. It’s not expensive, and if you get rejected, it could have a massive impact on your future.

See our article at the end of the article on getting your work permit.

Sometimes trying to save a small amount of money on immigration can cost you a lot of future earnings. Don’t make this common mistake.

Will China welcome more immigrants?

There has been a draft bill put forward in China that would make it easier for foreigners to get their “Chinese green card.” There are now over one million foreigners working in China. Of course, that is only a small part of the $1.4 billion population.

China has some of the toughest immigration policies in the world. It’s easy to work there for a short period of time, it’s hard to move there. The USA issues one million green cards per year. China, only around 200.

If you can find a way to add value to China, it might be an easier way to get your green card. China also likes it when foreign companies invest large amounts of money.

In the last 16 years, only 10,000 people have got green cards. One of these people is Elon Musk because he invested a large amount of money in building the Tesla factory in Shanghai.

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Dealing with problems:

How To Get Your Chinese Green Card | Immigrating to China

Most people can travel to China for school or visit. It’s also easily possible to travel to China to attend a four-day conference. However, getting your Chinese green card is much more difficult. See the list below for a list of the ways that you can get your Chinese “PR.”

  • You have been married to someone with a Chinese passport or green card for more than five years
  • There has been a lot of investment into China from you or your company
  • Getting your PR from being a skilled worker
  • Getting offered your green card because you have done things that benefit China greatly

You need to be healthy, have no criminal record, and have money in the bank. China does not want to support you. You should come to China to benefit society.

China welcome more immigrants

Do You Meet The Criteria? Get Your Immigration Consultant To Apply

There will be an application form with a bunch of information required. You will need to show something from your country that you have no criminal record back home. Your application will go to your local government or public security branch. If you hire an agent or consultant to submit the paperwork, they will have to have something giving them the power to do so.

You will also submit your passport, something from a doctor, and other documents (it will be a lot.) If you miss any of the required information, or it’s unclear, your application will be REJECTED.

It will take many months for you to hear back on your application. The Bureau of Public Security will be the ones investigating your paperwork, and you. If you are approved and are living back home (like in Australia,) then you will have to get a D visa and then collect your green card within thirty days of entering China.

To keep your green card, you must spend 20% of your time in China.

Unless you are someone that is super important, like an athlete, wealthy CEO, or scientist, it’s hard to get your PR. Therefore, most people get their PR from being married to a Chinese person for more than five years.


Immigrating to China

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