Requirements to be a lawyer in China

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Lawyers are not a big group in Chinese society. For those that know lawyers, they find lawyers are educated and can be counted on. Some people hate lawyers.

However, this is normally because of a single lawyer, not because of all lawyers. There are some good lawyers and some bad lawyers.

In the ’80s in China, the legal industry changed in China. First, there were attorneys that only dealt with criminal law. After that, there were some lawyers that did divorce law.

When China opened its market, people and companies had complex trade needs. The economy required lawyers to help solve their complicated problems.

At the end of the ’80s, there were for-profit law firms setting up.

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Requirements to practice law in China

In China, law school is a bachelor’s degree. You first need to get into law school, and you get your bachelor’s degree and pass the bar association. And then you do a one-year internship.

Therefore, you can become a lawyer much faster in China than in countries like Canada and China where you need to have a bachelor’s degree before becoming a lawyer.

In China, you can become a lawyer in five years. In the United States, it will take you eight years.

Once you pass the bar exam, you will need to decide if you want to join a large law firm or not. If you do decide that, you will also have to be hired. Other lawyers prefer to start their own law firm.

Some prefer to work for a senior lawyer as their assistant.

Requirements to be a lawyer

Working in China as a lawyer

It’s probably best to work for a large law firm for a while so that you can learn a lot. Judges also often come from partners at large law firms.

Therefore, you can learn the law from someone who is about to become a judge in China.

Some lawyers might start working at a large law firm in Beijing. It’s great if you have friends that work at large law firms. They don’t have to take you.

It depends on your exam results and how well you did in law school.

After your one year of internship, you can get licensed as a lawyer in China. You will then be an associate lawyer. You will assist a senior lawyer.

You might want to work for a few years as an assistant lawyer so that you can learn more. Eventually, you can take on your own clients and stop only working on the senior lawyer’s files.

Law firms in China

You can also go back to school and get a master’s degree in law. You will need to decide if you want to be a litigation lawyer, or do solicitor work.

In China, it’s mostly men that are lawyers. However, things are changing and more women are becoming lawyers. Most partners are still lawyers.

To become a partner in China, it really depends on how good you are at generating revenue. If you can reach the partner level of revenue, then they will have a partner meeting.

They will vote to see if you should be a partner or not. The decision is about money and if you fit in with the culture.

Requirements to be a lawyer

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