Divorce Rate In China

Divorce Rate In China

Should divorce be easier in China and what is the divorce rate in China? If more people are wanting to get divorced, why is it so hard?

In recent years, it seems more Chinese people are getting divorced. This is likely because there is less stigma around divorce than there used to be. In Canada, couples have to wait a year before they can get divorced. They need to separate, and then not get back together for 12 months.

Many people ask our divorce lawyers, you must not ever want to get married. This is not true. Separation lawyers see a lot of drama, but they also see a lot of good things happen. For example, there was one man that wanted to divorce because he got in a car accident. He was now not able to have children, and he wanted to divorce his wife. Why?

Because she had always wanted to have a child. When the wife found out that he was speaking to us about divorce, she told him she will stay with him forever. She doesn’t care what happened, she loves him. She refused to divorce him, which is possible in China, but not in places like Canada or the United States. This is a beautiful situation, and it makes us believe in love.

See the graphs in this article. It’s hard to find accurate statistics on how many people get divorced in China.

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Divorce process In China And The Divorce Rate In China

China’s family laws were created in 2003. The new laws made divorce much easier in China. In 2003, 1,300,000 people got divorced. Now around 4,500,000 people per year in China get divorced.

Should divorce be easier? I think that’s the wrong question. The real important thing is that people know who they are, and what they want before they get married. The problem with divorce and marriage isn’t that the court process is too easy or hard.

Instead, couples should take some simple steps to better prepare themselves for marriage. For example, they should have done things like travel together. Traveling together can be stressful at times. It requires a lot of planning and logistics. What else can couples do before they get married?

They should have lived together for at least a year. Waiting to live together until after marriage is a horrible idea. What happens if you start arguing right after you move in? That is to be expected. But it should get better over time. After six months, you should not be fighting over things like the dishes, trash, or who’s turn it is to cook dinner.

Prenup Contract In China

The last thing you should do is an insurance policy. It’s commonly known as a marriage contract or a prenup. You can still do it even if you are already married. If you are already married, it’s called a postnuptial agreement. This simply means that you were already married when you signed it. It’s the same agreement.

The contracts are also very similar to a divorce contract in what it includes. However, when you sign a prenup, you have no plans to ever get divorced. You must have heard by now that half of all marriage ends in divorce. This didn’t use to be true in China, but divorce is quickly growing in Asian countries. Divorce is now more socially acceptable and is therefore much easier to do.

Better yet, people that are divorced are able to get remarried to someone they are better suited for. Not everyone can pick the right person on their first attempt. There are so many people in China, how do you know this is the right person?

Chinese Divorce Law

Don’t get us wrong, you should get married. But have the marriage contract signed just in case. If you are part of the 50% of people that do not get a divorce, great! When you turn 65 years old together, and you are still happily married, or at least, still married, you can cut up the divorce contract.

It’s like getting house insurance (if you don’t need to, but you still do it.) You don’t get the insurance because you plan on your house burning down. Of course, you hope this never happens. But if it does happen, your life isn’t destroyed. You are not going to have to spend $400,000 on building a new house. The insurance company will pay for you. But keep in mind, that house fires are rare, and divorce is common.

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Dealing with problems:

Should divorce be easier in China and is the divorce rate too high? We don’t know. Right now it can be simple, or it can be complex. Divorce can get nasty.

Divorce China foreigner

If you are a foreigner in China, and you need help with a divorce, contact us. We have English speaking lawyers that can help you. Someone from another country who is married to a Chinese citizen either in China or another country can get a divorce in China. It doesn’t matter if you are currently living in China or not.

Many people know a friend that got divorced. Many people think about divorce for a long time before they actually do it. So why are so many more Chinese people getting divorced? Is it because it’s easier these days? The divorce rate in China is now much higher than before.

According to the National Bureau Of Statistics of China, in the 1980’s, only around 500,000 people were getting divorced each year. The divorce rate has gone up 7x.

Common Reasons For Chinese Divorce

Some reasons that people get divorced are violence, financial problems, and cheating. Sometimes parties just grow apart and want to start over. Most people don’t want to stay in a loveless relationship. I would say that the main reason for divorce is that the marriage simply falls apart. 77% percent of people said they divorced for this reason. However, that might not be true.

They simply might not want to report to the government and their friends that they are having financial problems or that someone cheated. 14% of people said they got divorced because there was violence at home. Almost no one reports that they got divorced because of cheating.

One in four of the men said that their wife had cheated on them. Men are more likely to divorce their wives for cheating. Wang Baoquang, an actor in China, got divorced because his wife cheated on him. They have two children. They ended up in an expensive divorce with lawsuits over defamation. This divorce case happened in the Beijing court.

Wang Baoquang spoke openly about being cheated on. That is not common in Chinese culture. There was a study that said that women cheat when they are fighting with their husbands. This might be some sort of revenge, or to feel wanted again.

The same survey said that men can cheat at any time.

Author: Alistair Vigier